Volume I - 2007-2008

June 2007
Issue No. 1
The Ties that Bind Mom to Arbitration
By: Josh Turner, Turner Law Firm, LLC

July 2007
Issue No. 2
A Very Short Study of Rule 68, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
By: Victor Israel Fleitas

August 2007
Issue No. 3
Capital Murder: Ready or Not?
By: Ramel L. Cotton

September 2007
Issue No. 4
Medicare Set-Aside Accounts
By: Don Gleason, Gleason & McHenry

October 2007
Issue No. 5
Judicial Estoppel
By: Chuck Edwards

December 2007
Issue No. 7
Functional Capacity Examinations: How reliable are they?
By: Michael McHenry; Gleason & McHenry

January 2008
Issue No. 8
Multi-Jurisdictional Issues in Child Custody: Mississippi and the UCCJEA
By: Billie Jo White, White Law Firm, Starkville

February 2008
Issue No. 9
Turning Garbage into Gold
By: William Speizman

April 2008
Issue No. 11
eDiscovery Changes
By: Kate McNeel, McNeel Consulting

May 2008
Issue No. 12
Increasing Your Office Income without Practicing Law
By: William L. Speizman

Volume II - 2008-2009

June 2008
Issue No. 13
Subprime Arbitration under a Mississippi Blue Sky
By: Jeremy Chalmers, Mars, Mars & Chalmers

July 2008
Issue No. 14
E-mail Footers
By: Rob Mayhue, Stewart & Associates

August 2008
Issue No. 15
The Most Effective, Least Expensive Way to Market Your Practice: Part I
By: William L. Speizman

September 2008
Issue No. 16
Attorney's Fees in Copyright Litigation
By: Anne E. Pitts

October 2008
Issue No. 17
We Need MAJ Members' Help with Election Protection
By: David Pitre, MAJ President

November 2008
Issue No. 18
The Most Effective, Least Expensive Way to Market Your Practice: Part II
By: William L. Speizman

December 2008
Issue No. 19
The Most Effective, Least Expensive Way to Market Your Practice: Part III
By: William L. Speizman

January 2009
Issue No. 20
Refresher on Cross Examination
Editor's Note: T. Michael Reed, Esq.
Featuring: Howard Nations, Esq.

February 2009
Issue No. 21
The Three Most Common Mistakes in Chancery Court
By: Chancellor Eugene Fair, 18th District

April 2009
Issue No. 23
Drug Courts Celebrate 20 Years
By: Judge Robert Helfrich, 12th Circuit Court District

May 2009
Issue No. 23
Preemption Applicable to Prescription Drug Litigation in a Nutshell; Pre and Post Levine
By: Christopher M. Posey, Attorney-at-Law, The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm

Volume III - 2009

June 2009
Issue No. 24
To Learn More...
By: William L. Speizman

July 2009
Issue No. 25
MAJ Convention Recap