Pam Johnson selected 2007 ACORN Spirit of Justice Honoree

Pam's Remarks

"It is my pleasure to represent the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association here tonight.  They are an impassioned, courageous, principled group of advocates who, like most of us here tonight, spend their time, energy, talents and resources trying to make the powerful do the right thing.

There is a reason that the term “trial lawyer” has become maligned and denigrated in America today – the huge multi-national corporations that make up the National Chamber of Commerce have spent billions of dollars in smear campaigns against these individuals in order to keep their own bad deeds from being exposed.  Those of us who believe that every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and equity, and that wrongdoers should be punished, understand that for us and the voiceless people we work for, the trial lawyers are a bulwark against very dark forces.

I watch these men and women daily fighting for people who have been injured through no fault of their own in the courtrooms.  I’ve also watched them take on Haley Barbour during the Medicaid/PLADs crisis, fight for workers rights at the capitol, expose polluters on the Coast, and raise the public discourse on predatory lending.  Those are the public fights.

I am here to tell you though, that much of the good work the trial lawyers do goes unreported, but not unnoticed.  This is the group who provides the underwriting for many of our causes – often they are the first ones called when a policy issue needs an expert legal analysis on the turn of a dime – the lawyers are the ones who have pushed and wholeheartedly support a very strong coalition of like-minded partners in policy and political matters, and ACORN is one of those partners. 

They may stand alone like David against Goliath in the courtroom, but they are ready to join hands and offer substantive support to those who are willing to work with them in their fight for justice.

And so, I am proud to represent the trial lawyers here tonight and thank you for the honor I accept on their behalf."