MTLA News Roundup
July 22, 2004

Doctors' blacklisting website back up
It was previously pulled because of adverse national publicity.
Tallahatchie prison riot under control
House arrest fee collections paused
Officials looking for clues into sheriff's budget shortfall
"McMillin, who accepts responsibility for the overage, said he expects to finalize that finding by weeks end."
Eric Stringfellow on the sheriff's budget woes
Better racial balance in special ed classes is goal
Writer decries Court decision to re-try student murder case
Lawsuit results in greater disclosure by wireless carriers
Media expert gives tips on gaining publicity for your cause
Randolph investiture set for August 2nd in Hattiesburg
Bill Minor on the Dowdy/Herring Statewide Live debate
Neshoba County fair speaking schedule
Bush defends security steps
The 911 Commission report
Medicaid help meeting held by agency
Defense bill for NE Mississippi before Congress this weekend