MTLA News Roundup
July 23, 2004

Judge blocks new state law limiting abortions
Evidence in McNair DUI case tainted, judge rules
Rankin judges to lower inmate bonds to ease overcrowding
Picayune wood treating site placed on Superfund  list
SEC proposal will blur line between advisers and brokers
(it "essentially allows broker-dealers to avoid the fiduciary and disclosure standards of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940"...)
Metabolife founder indicted
Enron forfeits $32 million in ill-gotten gains
Attorneys concerned about church insurers
Supreme Court orders hearing on tire company's contempt case
Leslie Southwick called up for actived duty
Freedom Democrats to be featured at convention
Teen murder trial ongoing in Starkville
Asbestos deaths skyrocketing
Mass. Diocese will pay $7 million in suit settlement
CNN Poll shows Kerry/Bush in dead heat
Chief Justice seeks applicants for Court of Appeals position

July 23, 2004

Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice James W. Smith Jr. is seeking applicants for a special judge to serve on the Court of Appeals during the absence of Judge Leslie H. Southwick.
Judge Southwick will take a leave of absence from the court to begin active duty with the Mississippi Army National Guard on Aug. 9 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Judge Southwick's absence could be for more than a year. Judge Southwick said he expects to train for several months, and that  his service overseas will likely last about 12 months.
Chief Justice  Smith will appoint a special judge to serve on the Court of Appeals during Judge Southwick's absence. Chief Justice Smith asks  judges and  lawyers who are interested in the appointment to send a letter to him. Applicants must reside in the 4th  Court of Appeals District, which includes part of Madison and Hinds counties at it's northernmost point and stretches southward.
Letters and resumes should be addressed to Chief Justice Smith at the Mississippi Supreme Court, P.O. Box 117, Jackson, MS  39205.
Judge Southwick's absence will leave the Court of Appeals three members short. The court has 10 judicial positions. Judge James Thomas died July 4. Judge Roger H. McMillin Jr., who had served as Chief Judge, retired April 30.
Gov. Haley Barbour will make appointments to the vacancies created by the retirement of Judge McMillin and the death of Judge Thomas