MTLA News Roundup
August 4, 2004

McMillin trims budget
DJournal questions juvenile murder trial processes
Mike Randolph investiture takes place in Hattiesburg
Obama event scheduled for Jackson
To speak here

Barack Obama, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois, will speak at 7:30 a.m. Thursday at a fund-raising breakfast at Mikhail's, 4330 N. State St. in Jackson.
For details, call Isaac Byrd at 354-1210 or Glenda Glover at 214-8621.
GOP seeks Obama challengers
Burnis Morris on race and party politics
Halliburton will pay $75.million to settle SEC probe

Bristol-Myers will pay $75 million for improperly manipulating drug inventory
CL calls for reform for juvenile justice
Medicaid forum addresses options
House Speaker plans return to duties, thanks well-wishers

Bobby Harrison speculates on Lott's departure results

Bush said to be misleading on frivolous lawsuits


President Bush has repeatedly criticized what he calls a plague of frivolous lawsuits. In 2001, he said, "It's really important that we not have our system ladened down by unnecessary lawsuits."[1] More recently he complained that "there's too many lawsuits, a lot of them frivolous and junk lawsuits."[2] Yet, as the historical record shows, it was George W. Bush who in 1998 actually hired a trial lawyer and filed a lawsuit against a rental car company that legal experts called "unnecessary."

On November 2, 2000, the New York Daily News reported that Bush sued Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Austin over a fender bender involving his daughter, even though no one was hurt, and insurance would have covered the collision.[3] Bush "also tried to sue the woman who was driving the rental car but was unable to serve her with papers." Lawyers familiar with Texas insurance law "said such a suit would normally be unnecessary." One lawyer involved in the case said Bush sued because he "had paid for the repairs out of his own pocket" and that Bush pursued legal action even though the parties "exhaustively tried to resolve it short of a lawsuit."


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www.Misleader.orgfor more about Bush Administration distortion.