MTLA News Roundup
September 02, 2003

Mississippi Center for Justice wins first victory
Ten Commandments' influence on American law questioned
100 death sentences thrown out in California; action based on 2002 U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring jurors to issue death sentence
Case against EquiFirst Corp. settled
Defendant off anti-psychotic medications for trial
SunHerald on open meetings, Musgrove/Barbour and ten commandments
Memphis doc reinstitutes house calls
Denmark Timerosal study shows no link to autism
Face recognition technology fails first test
Ms. Ivins details Bush administration's real labor relations
Emily Pettus on racial politics
Tuck using Web site to reach teachers
DJournal applauds candidate debates
Difference between personal/corporate donations from casinos questioned
Candidates and Unions observe Labor Day
Wann writes about Tuck flip-flop