MTLA News Roundup
October 5, 2004

WalMart will increase sprawl
Professor sues to get copies of flag-draped coffins
Freedom Rider museum on hold
Sierra Club magazine details DuPont troubles
Hinds County Election Commissioners races
DA Clark: Northwest Rankin star denied due process   
Medicaid switch delayed
CL op ed
Djournal op ed
SunHerald report
Marshall Ramsey on the intervention request
Jackson Free Press highlights Public Citizen report on corporate lawsuits
Judge Pickard delays ruling on asbestos cases
Speaker McCoy undergoes successful surgery
Disabled voters push for poll accessibility
Cheny v Edwards fuels speculations
States ready to ban abortion if Roe overturned
Voter registration heavy in state
Flu vaccine supply cut in half
Salter says "racist" not right label in justice campaign