MTLA News Roundup
October 13, 2004

Sid Salter on Medicaid
Bobby Harrison on Medicaid
Charlie Mitchell on racism
Lawsuits being filed over Vioxx
Bill O'Reilly files suit for "intentional infliction of emotional distress"
Biloxi VA hospital found negligent in delayed surgery
Marshall Ramsey on the judicial campaigns
FCC plans to fine Fox for indecent episodes
Group ranks Mississippi in top ten for small business survival (again)
Charlie Mitchell discusses Juvenile Justice plans
Supreme Court debates constitutionality of juvenile executions
AmSouth will pay $40 million in money laundering scheme
Ebbers wants help from company for legal bills
Slaying lawsuit settled on Coast
Joe Atkins on the Presidential race
Jack Elliott on Judge Wingate's career
Voter rolls swell -- one million expected to vote
FEC may regulate web political activity
Mass grave unearthed in Iraq
Hearing date set in federal judicial investigation