How Can You Help? Vote.

Can you believe it’s November? Finally the general election is just a matter of days away. For everyone, I believe it’s safe to say, Tuesday will be a relief. From the candidates that have been on the trail for months shaking hands, speaking at every gathering of every kind of organization, to those working behind the scenes turning over every rock looking for the funds that are the lifeblood of any campaign, relief is an understatement. How can we help? Votes.

Our organization has been at the forefront of the fight. Many of our members are standing on the precipice of the Capitol; ready to go to work to help preserve what’s left of the justice system in Mississippi. Many more candidates that have our support and are not in pockets of big business, insurance and other special interests stand with them. How can we help? Votes. 

This election, like no other in my memory, is vital to Mississippi’s future. As horrible as it has been politically in the past four years, we have a chance to finally stem the tide. While the attack on the justice system continues to be favorite topic of the right-wing, Mississippians are finally seeing the truth through the constant barrage of lies. For many coast residents who purchased hurricane insurance thinking it may cover them in the event of a …hurricane, this realization has come at a heavy price. As tragic as Katrina was, the blatant denial of obvious coverage has served as a proverbial slap in the face to many Mississippians that bought into the “frivolous lawsuit” propaganda. While nothing can be done to prevent future natural disasters like Katrina, the time is ripe for legislation that will prevent insurance companies from making billion dollar profits at the expense of policyholders. How can we help? Votes.

2010 will bring the census and those that we elect next week will be responsible for the resulting redistricting. Mississippi has changed dramatically in the last ten years. From the population boom in Desoto county to the forced migration from the Coast for so many, the new districts could be dramatically different then the existing ones. While redistricting has long been a tool to dilute the voice of minorities, this can not be allowed to happen yet again. How can we help? Votes.

   This election season has been a bitter, ugly fight from the start, but the finish line is finally in sight. All the money that is going to be raised has been raised, all the babies that can be kissed have been kissed. All that remains is for us to go to the polls and vote. While, for most of us, this goes without saying, it is essential to say nonetheless.  Also essential is to make sure that others in your life understand not only to vote, but to vote for the candidates that are protecting their interests whether they know it or not.  Encourage your staffs to support our candidates. Encourage your clients to support our clients. Encourage your family and friends to support our candidates. How can they help? Vote.

With everyone working together in the home stretch we will make a difference that will be felt for generations in Mississippi.

How can you help? Votes.