Oxford Lunch and Learn

Please join us on May 13th in Oxford for MAJ's last lunch & learn of the year. This "short but sweet" CLE seminar will be held from 11am to 1pm at The Snack Bar dining room. You will enjoy a presentation on Ethics & Professionalism in the courtroom from Judge Jimmy Maxwell from the Mississippi Court of Appeals as well as learn about The Dos and Don'ts of Mediation from Attorney Charlie Swayze of Whittington, Brock & Swayze. The cost of registration is only $50 and includes a delicious lunch. All members of the bar are encouraged to attend. To register, simply click the link below:


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Oxford Lunch & Learn
Oxford, MS

May 13, 2014

MAJ Annual Convention
New Orleans, LA

June 12-14, 2014


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About the Mississippi Association for Justice

 As attorneys, we work to make sure any person who is injured by the misconduct and negligence of others can get justice in the courtroom, even when taking on the most powerful interests.

What we do is more important now than ever before because the drug and oil industries, big insurance companies and other large corporations dominate our political process -- and thus, people cannot depend on the political system to hold corporations accountable.

When corporations and their CEOs act irresponsibly by delaying or refusing to pay fair and just insurance claims, producing unsafe products, polluting our environment or swindling their employees and shareholders, the only place where Americans can hold them accountable is in our courts.

We are committed to strengthening the civil justice system so that deserving individuals can get justice and wrongdoers are held accountable.  We oppose efforts to weaken basic legal protections and further stack the deck against average Mississippians.  All Americans benefit when individuals represented by attorneys have a fair chance to get justice through our civil justice system.

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