2015 Board Retreat
August 28-29, 2015 • Dunleith Historic Inn

MAJ is headed to Natchez! Join us at this year's board retreat as we discover all the wonders Mississippi's own city of Natchez has to offer. The retreat is open to all members and will be held at Dunleith, an exquisite 1856 Historic Inn located in the heart of Natchez. Known for its grandeur, the Inn has superior service, fine southern cuisine, a serene setting, and a number of luxurious rooms. It is the perfect location to experience history and the finest southern hospitality as we plan for the upcoming fiscal year. 

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Jackson Lunch & Learn
Jackson, MS

August 27, 2015

MAJ Board Retreat 
Dunleith Historic Inn

Natchez, MS
August 28-29, 2015



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About the Mississippi Association for Justice

 As attorneys, we work to make sure any person who is injured by the misconduct and negligence of others can get justice in the courtroom, even when taking on the most powerful interests.

We are committed to strengthening the civil justice system so that deserving individuals can get justice and wrongdoers are held accountable.  We oppose efforts to weaken basic legal protections and further stack the deck against average Mississippians.  All Americans benefit when individuals represented by attorneys have a fair chance to get justice through our civil justice system.


"Doing Well by Doing Good"

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