The following businesses make significant contributions to the Mississippi Association for Justice through sponsorships and services. They all provide valuable resources and services to help your law practice. As you make business decisions, please keep them in mind.

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Diamond Sponsor
FORGE Consulting

Forge Consulting is a settlement planning agency that passionately represents injured parties across multiple disciplines. Its partners and staff work diligently every day to create balanced and transparent solutions which cater to each individual’s wants, needs, and fears through education and competition in every applicable category.

For more information contact:

Joe Schell



Diamond Sponsor

HMR Funding 

HMR Funding has a range of non-recourse funding programs designed to alleviate the financial concerns of your uninsured and under-insured clients who lack the resources to access quality healthcare or sometimes even provide for their family’s basic need of food and shelter.

We offer Funding Solutions for the following:

  •    Medical expenses associated with
    •    Personal injury
    •    Premises liability
    •    Product liability
    •    Medical malpractice
    •    and many other types of third party liability cases
  •    Pre-settlement advances to plaintiffs to help them manage their living expenses as they are on their road to recovery

We align ourselves with you, making our broad range of services available to your clients – allowing you to focus on achieving the most favorable case outcomes while enabling your client to focus on their recovery.

Our Medical Funding can help pay for a wide range of medical treatments and procedures:

  •         Consultations
  •         Diagnostics – Imaging
  •         Pain management
  •         Inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Traumatic brain injury treatment
  •         Amputation cases
  •         And more

We have years of experience and understand the inherent challenges associated with personal injury cases.


To learn more about how HMR can help you and your clients, contact Kyle Kinberger, Senior Marketing Manager Southeast, at 225-456-7826 or



Platinum Sponsor
Brown & Brown (f/k/a Robert Ellis & Associates)

Brown & Brown is an insurance marketing and consulting agency for the MAJ endorsed insurance portfolio. As a member of the MAJ, you and your employees are eligible for some of the finest health, life, and disability income insurance programs in the group insurance market. In addition to MAJ-endorsed health and life programs, Brown & Brown can assist in your practice in acquiring top quality professional liability insurance at competitive rates. For additional information on the programs available to you through your MAJ membership, contact Stormy Blair at 888.503.5547 or

Platinum Sponsor
Momentum Funding

Momentum Funding LLC is a premier national legal finance company headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., with regional offices in Clearwater, Fla., Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Ill. The company provides non-recourse funding to plaintiffs in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Momentum Funding is committed to helping plaintiffs with their urgent financial needs, while also focusing on attorney relationships.

Momentum Funding was founded in 2015 by Elizabeth Pekin, Esq. and Elisa Moss. The Momentum Funding team has more than 30 years of combined experience in personal injury law and legal finance. Its founders are pioneers in the legal funding industry.
The principal executives created Momentum Funding based on a shared mission to help both attorneys and their clients alleviate the financial strain that comes during times of hardship.

The experienced team at Momentum Funding is dedicated to Moving Your Case Forward with its impeccable customized service, conservative underwriting, and quick and simple funding process.

Contact Elisa Moss at 561.245.2683 or at for more information.

Platinum Sponsor

IWP is a national home delivery pharmacy service working as an advocate for injured individuals. Unlike a traditional mail order pharmacy, which carry a 7-14 day turnaround, they offer next day delivery directly to our patient’s doorstep at little to no out-of-pocket costs*.

As a specialized workers' compensation pharmacy, they’ve made it their mission to ensure their patients get the prescriptions they need to return back to a productive life. Their simple, hassle-free process is designed to remove the administrative burdens from the prescription process, while driving better outcomes through medication management and patient satisfaction.

With locations in Massachusetts, Arizona and California, IWP ships more than 50,000 prescriptions each month across the nation. Their team is well-versed in state-specific nuances and the clinical needs of workers’ compensation and auto injury claims and guarantee the right medication goes to the right person for the right injury.

*Deductible or co-payment may apply depending on your policy.



Contact Farah McMinn at for more information. 


Gold Sponsor
Physician Life Care Planning

Physician Life Care Planning is a healthcare information services company that provides the highest quality life care planning and damages valuation services available.

We're the nation's premier team of physician life care planners, vocational specialists, professional economists, medical illustrators and neuropsychologists.

Since 1988, we've produced thousands of plans for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Unique In Our Industry

We are physician life care planners in a field in which less than 1% of life care planners are qualified physicians. As practicing M.D.s who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we possess the requisite expertise to independently formulate and defend recommendations for ongoing medical care.

The quality of our products is unparalleled within our industry. We also deliver a comprehensive range of products and services, which means we provide the confidence, continuity and convenience of working with a trusted single-source provider.

Professionalism & Standards

Our value to our clients (plaintiff and defense) begins and ends with our credibility. Our physicians and other experts are leading professionals who are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and objectivity.

Contact Eddie Yeagens at 210.501.0995 or for more information.



Gold Sponsor
Matrix Solutions

Since 1992 Matrix has been providing a complete range of technology services to law offices in Mississippi. Services include on-site support, monitoring and maintenance, remote backup, document management, cloud technology guidance, mobility services, computer forensics, and trial presentation support.

Matrix is the only legal technology vendor in Mississippi certified by the leading providers of legal practice management and time-billing software. Monthly flat-fee agreements are available. Matrix has supported MSAJ since 2005.

Contact Mike Lenoir at 601.992.6789 or at for more information.


Silver Sponsor
AK Legal Nurse Consultants


AK Legal Nurse Consultants is a company dedicated to the clarification and discovery of evidence in medical related cases. Their registered nurses assist attorneys with an expert review of medical records that gives law practices the competitive edge they need to win cases and save money. Serving attorneys in both the civil and criminal arena, they pair their experiences in the medical field with the legal expertise of the attorneys they work with to comprise a winning team for clients.


For more information please contact Kelly Jennings at



Silver Sponsor
Portage Funding, Inc.
Portage Funding was founded in 2007 on the advice of personal injury attorneys, and since then has been assisting personal injury attorneys and their clients with true cash needs. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of the client by working closely with the referring attorney to determine a prudent amount for the cash advance. 
For more information about Portage Funding, please contact Frank Lorge.
Phone: 918.919.0648, ext. 2

Bronze Sponsor
RJ Young

RJ Young is committed to making your digital solutions simple. From assisting you in understanding the benefits available before the sale to making sure you are comfortable with every operational aspect after the sale; we are here to remove the obstacles that you face in your day to day office workflow.

Whether you need cutting-edge devices and network options or want to find ways to streamline your document workflows, RJ Young can deliver. We are totally focused on you, our customers, to ensure that you receive the one on one dedication that you deserve.

For more information contact:

Bob Carmean

Dustin Carmean


Bronze Sponsor
Brooks Court Reporting
Brooks Court Reporting offers statewide and nationwide coverage to meet your total litigation needs.  It was founded in 1985 and, by 1989, had become the first firm to offer "Realtime" services in the state of Mississippi.  In the past 25 years, Brooks Court Reporting has grown to be one of the largest court reporting firms incorporated in the state with offices in Jackson, Meridian, and Gulfport.  Brooks recently opened an office in New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to being a Certified Realtime Reporter, Ginger Brooks is certified in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.   
For more information about Brooks Court Reporting, please contact Ginger Brooks.
Phone: 800.245.3376


SBA Justice Loan Program
Have you experienced uneven cash flow or expensive case costs involved in modern litigation? The SBA Justice Loan Program offers you direct access to the leading company in the market place that specializes in helping attorneys obtain low cost Small Business Association funding, SBA Loan Group. This funding is low cost and permanent, cannot be cancelled, modified or force payments for the term of the loan which is typically 10 – 25 years. With the Justice Loan Program you can pay off existing expensive debt, inject needed capital into your firm or use the money to expand your practice (advertising, hiring new staff, etc.).
For more information, please contact Jarret Prussin.
Phone: 516.900.6905