Thank you for being a member of the Mississippi Association for Justice. Your membership indicates that you are dedicated to excellence in your practice and to the protection and defense of individual's rights, our justice system and our Constitution.

You are invited to participate further in MAJ's cause by joining the Leaders Forum. The Leaders Forum is a level of contribution over and above membership dues. Contributions from Leaders Forum members are deposited into the general fund of the Mississippi Association for Justice to strengthen our ability to continue the work that we are dedicated to do.


Benefits of Membership

  • Private list server exclusively for MAJ Leaders Forum Members
  • A hospitality suite and special recognition at the Annual Convention
  • Discounts on CLE seminars ($50 off all full-day seminars; $100 off convention registration)
  • Special Recognition at all MAJ Events and Seminars
  • Exclusive Networking Directory of all Leaders Forum Members including Practice Areas

Leaders Forum Dues

  • ​MAJ Member
    • ​$1,000 one-time payment or $100/month for 12 months
  • ​New Lawyer (practicing 10 years of less or under the age of 35)
    • ​$500 one-time payment or $50/month for 12 months
  • ​Firm Memberships
    • ​2 members: $1,500
    • 3-5 members: $2,500
    • 6-10 members: $5,000
    • 11+ members: $7,5000

Payment Options

  • One-time payment via check mailed to P.O. Box 1992, Jackson, MS 39215
  • One-time online payment by clicking here
  • Monthly credit card draft (click here to download)

Leaders Forum Members

MAJ thanks our current Leaders Forum Members for their above and beyond contribution to the association!

  • Thomas Brame
  • Graham Carner
  • John W. Christopher
  • Brandi Gatewood
  • Laurel Li Harris
  • Philip C. Hearn
  • Jennifer Ingram Johnson
  • Dan Kitchens
  • Greta Kemp Martin
  • Chuck McRae
  • Cindy Mitchell
  • Tripp Segars

Firm Memberships:

  • Chhabra & Gibbs, PA
  • Davis & Crump, PC
  • Eichelberger Law Firm
  • Pittman, Roberts, & Welsh, PLLC