Voir Dire - MAJ's Annual Magazine
MAJ publishes an annual, printed magazine, Voir Dire. The publication features expert advice, practice pointers, new legal developments, and additional information members can utilize daily in their law practices. The magazine also includes regular columns such as the President's message, a legislative report, and other committee updates.


Past Editions
Full copies of recent Voir Dire editions are available in PDF format below. 
PDF icon  Summer 2019
PDF icon  Summer 2018
PDF icon  Summer 2017
PDF icon  Summer 2016 
PDF icon  Summer 2015
PDF icon  Summer 2014
PDF icon  Summer 2013
PDF icon  Summer 2012
PDF icon  Summer 2011
PDF icon  Summer 2010
PDF icon  Summer 2009
PDF icon  Winter 2008 - 2009 
PDF icon  Spring/Summer 2008


EClips is a daily news service that focuses on items of interest to plaintiff lawyers. Articles are drawn from numerous national, state and local sources and screened for relevant content and the subject matter is abstracted. This information is presented to readers in summary form with references to the original information source. Periodically, additional information from local Mississippi news agencies is added. EClips is distributed electronically via e-mail and the Internet to MAJ members.
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The Closing Argument - MAJ's E-newsletter

"The Closing Argument" is a monthly e-newsletter which includes legal articles, sponsor features, technology tips, good news of the association and its members, and upcoming events information.